Sarah's ambition with a global flavor

Posted on March 01 2022, By: Sara Alsayeed

She studied in Britain, and her dream of a suitable job evaporated, which made her establish a famous bakery.

Passion was stronger than certification.. Although she endured the hardship of education far from home and foreignness, and graduated from a prestigious international university, she chose to give up her degree and follow her passion.
Sarah Al-Sayed, the owner of a bakery “SOCIETE”, a young Qatari woman, a graduate of Business Administration from the University of Britain, returned to Qatar after years of diligence, but she did not get the job she had dreamed of, and she chose to realize her dream and establish her own project, and from here was the beginning, where Sarah Al-Sayed applied to Qatar Development Bank for support through the Al-Dhameen program, but after studying and evaluating the project, the bank chose to include the bakery project in the category of small and medium projects.

Qatari bakery in 2018 Sarah established her project with the help of international expertise, and prepared the list of foods that she will serve in her bakery. Access to a showroom in Msheireb Downtown Doha.

Training, education and transfer of experiences
Sarah learned the art of making bread and sweets at the hands of senior bakers, and traveled to several countries, including France, Britain, and America, benefiting from courses in bakery and pastries, which enabled her to provide training, advice and consultations to other bakeries located within the country, in addition to To consultancy services for development in the field of food and beverage.

“Corona” has served us a lot. Sarah El-Sayed says that since the establishment of the bakery, she has aspired to reach the level of large international bakeries, especially as she was able to obtain training in giant companies that took them as a role model in managing their project, and indeed, it was only a short period until she was able to achieve one. One of the criteria she was seeking is to market her bakery products electronically.
Sarah confirms that sales of her baked goods and the increase in electronic orders for them rose after the Corona virus pandemic, periods of quarantine, and precautionary measures to avoid its spread, as the online market rebounded after the closure of traditional markets and shops.

My family is the first to support me  Sarah El-Sayed loved cooking, baking and pastries since she was young. She used to follow cooking programs, buy books, and try recipes at home. Her father was the first to support her, as he was not stingy with the equipment and costs she needed. She takes from him the motivation to achieve more success, and she even shares what she makes with her friends, and she has always received support from them from her beginnings until today.
Sarah's dream did not stop at this level, but she is still in a constant quest to achieve more successes in her field.

Social Responsibility
Sarah participates in many activities as a part of social responsibility, by presenting prizes and gifts in activities related to combating breast cancer, and some activities for women and children, among others.طموح-سارة-بنكهة-عالمية