Qatar International Food Festival 2019 – Everything You Need To Know!

Qatar International Food Festival 2019 – Everything You Need To Know!

Posted on March 01 2022, By: Sara Alsayeed

Qatar International Food Festival 2019 – Everything You Need To Know!

Qatar International Food Festival 2019 – Time to Celebrate Food!

QIFF 2019 kicks off on 20th March as it enters its tenth year anniversary!

Qatar International Food Festival (QIFF) is a multicultural festival that celebrates the country’s diverse food, beverage and hospitality offerings. Held over several days during spring, the Festival invites residents and visitors to enjoy special culinary experiences in scenic outdoor spaces.

The nation’s favorite food festival has a new location this year at Oxygen Park, a 130,000-square-metre park located in Qatar Foundation. The striking  Oxygen Park in Education City will offer an impressive venue, layout and format to QIFF visitors this year. The various facilities at Education City are available to visitors and residents throughout the year, as part of an outreach program, and a way to encourage community engagement.  

Rashed AlQurese, from Qatar National Tourism Council commented, “QIFF has played a key role in our strategy to grow and diversify the country’s tourism experiences through vibrant festivals and events. We … look forward to continuing to attract people from all corners of the world, as well as residents representing different cultures, to come together and enjoy the intersection of food and culture.”

Qatar International Food Festival 2019 – What To Expect!

The tenth edition will occur on the following dates: 20-30 March 2019. Running for eleven days the event will have some new surprises to its popular format.

Expect bigger and better attractions and even more chefs!

  • The Cooking Theatre, a crowd favorite, will host double the number of international  and regional celebrity chefs compared to previous editions. 
  • There will be more than 150 food stalls selling a variety of food and beverages within three distinct zones: Zone 1 – main courses; Zone 2 – kid-friendly food & activities; and Zone 3 – cafes & snacks.
  • There will be about 152 participants in total, with approximately 23 new food businesses. Approximately 15% of the food booths have been reserved for local entrepreneurs and businesses.
  • A private seating zone will have bespoke service with curated set menus.
  • The roaming entertainers, vibrant shows and cultural events are back – there may even be performances linked to the Qatar-India Year of Culture 2019.
  • Fifty local schools will take part in healthy food workshops at Qatar National Library.
  • Torba, Qatar Foundation’s farmers market, offering farm-to-table experiences.

Organizers celebrated how the festival brings together Doha’s multi-cultural community within Doha, and provides a space for new food concepts. QIFF has also encouraged a new breed of food festivals in Qatar, with several regular events taking place in the year.

Live Cooking Theatre

To celebrate its milestone anniversary, QIFF is hosting around 30 international and local celebrity chefs from 14 countries to show their culinary magic at the Live Cooking Theatre. 

  • Masharu Morimoto (US Iron Chef – Japan)
  • Manal Al Alem (Celebrity chef, TV host & Author – Jordan)
  • Aisha Altamimi (Celebrity chef & food programme presenter – Qatar)
  • Noora Al Kuwari (Renowned Chef and Health Coach – Qatar)
  • Richard Sandoval (Critically-acclaimed Chef, Global Restaurateur & Cookbook Author – USA)
  • Jameela Al Lenqawi (Celebrity Chef & TV host- Kuwait)
  • Tasneem Al NasrAllah (Celebrity Chef – Kuwait)
  • Ranveer Brar (Chef, TV show host, judge and food stylist – India)
  • Noora Al Mazroui (Celebrity Chef – Qatar)
  • Eric Lanlard (Pâtissier and celebrity chef – France)
  • Al Yazi Al Waad (Celebrity Chef – Kuwait)
  • Ameena Mussa (Celebrity Chef – Qatar)
  • Sarra Al Sayed (Owner & Founder of Bakeries and Consultations company – Qatar)
  • Hend Salah (Celebrity Chef – Qatar)
  • Siba Mtongana (Celebrity chef, TV show host and judge 0 South Africa)
  • Goila Saranch (Chef and restaurateur – India)
  • Jenny Morris (celebrity chef and radio personality – South Africa)
  • Stephane Bucholzer (Executive Chef W Doha Hotel & residences – France)
  • Dominique Ansel (Celebrity pastry chef and restaurateur- France)
  • Salma Soleiman (Chef & TV show host – Egypt)
  • Wafik Belaid (Chef & TV show host – Tunisia)
  • Chef Belkhams (Celebrity Chef – Qatar)
  • Chef Hassan (Chef at We café – Qatar)
  • Stephane Buchholzer,
  • Elif Edes Tapan (Turkey)
  • Jason Atherton (UK)
  • Francesco Scala (Italy)
  • Shane Macneill (Ireland)
  • Rusly Ahmed (Sri Lanka)

QIFF Chef’s Table

Select 5-star restaurants across Doha are once again offering diners the opportunity to join internationally-acclaimed chefs for an interactive cooking and tasting experience through the Chef’s Table. 

This year’s chefs include Japanese celebrity chef & restaurateur Chef Nobu Matsuhissa, US chef Richard Sandoval, Francesco Scala and  Shane Macneill from Novikov Doha, Chef Eric Lanlard, Jason Atherton and International Barista Trainer Sam Ceviköz.

Cooking Masterclasses at Chef’s Garden:

Aspiring chefs can register to attend Masterclasses with celebrity chefs Masaharu Morimoto, Barista -Sam Çeviköz, Siba Mtongana, Jenny Morris, Salma Souleiman, Wafik Belaid and Jason Atherton at the Chef’s Garden restaurant in the Education City. 

Qurated QIFF Menus

The QIFF experience will take place beyond the festival grounds with over 35 restaurants and cafes offering special 3-course menus at three different exclusive price points: 45 QAR, 95 QAR and 125 QAR

For those who like to dine in luxury, there will also be private booths this year serving pre-set Qurated QIFF Menus at the festival venue.

Schools Activation at Qatar National Library:

QIFF partners with Qatar Foundation to deliver a healthy food and nutrition awareness programme for students from 50 schools across Qatar from 10-14 March. The course is designed to help students distinguish between healthy nutrition and unhealthy foods, and understand the benefits and harms of both. 

Local Chefs including Ayman Nasser Al-Din, Youssef Oweida, Deldar Hussein, Noora All Mazroui, Sarah Al Sayed, Warda Ibrahim and Coach Noora Al Kuwari will prepare healthy, tasty snacks  so that the students appreciate the healthy alternatives to common snacks. 

Small & Medium Entrepreneurs – Made in Qatar!

QIFF has successfully contributed in enriching the country’s dining and gastronomic canvas by not only attracting international chefs to open local outlets but also, by providing a platform for local entrepreneurs to introduce their innovative offerings. This includes businesses that offer local produce from Qatari farms, offering unique authentic food experiences from gate to plate. (To celebrate these experiences, QIFF has dedicated 15% of its spaces to up-coming entrepreneurs and local SMEs.)

In and Around Education City

So far, QIFF has been hosted at numerous scenic venues across Qatar including Katara Cultural Village, MIA Park, Hotel Park, and The Pearl-Qatar. This year, residents and visitors from all over the world attending QIFF will get a chance to explore the impressively designed and landscaped Oxygen Park, also referred to as the ‘green lungs of Education City’, as well as other amenities within the premises, including Qatar National Library, the Minaretein building (Education City Mosque), Qur’anic Botanic Garden, and Torba Farmers Market.

Exciting Entertainment 

Adding to the festive atmosphere at Oxygen Park, the main festival stage will host a variety of live performances, cultural shows and roaming entertainment running throughout the day. In line with the Qatar-India Year of Culture 2019 theme, the festival will showcase special food and cultural offerings.



Qatar International Food Festival 2019

This year QIFF celebrates its milestone 10th Anniversary Edition.

QIFF Dates: Wednesday, 20th March – Saturday, 30th March (11 days)

Opening Hours: 3.00 pm – 11.00 pm on weekdays (Saturday – Wednesday)

                                   3:00 pm – 1:00 am pm on weekends (Thursday & Friday)

Main Location: Oxygen Park, Education City

Price: FREE ENTRY (although food and some entertainment will cost). Food prices will range from QAR 5 – QAR 40.

Daily entertainment & activities

  • Roaming shows and Entertainment on Stage
  • Live music bands

Festival Ground amenities & facilities

  • Underground parking with over 3,000 spaces
  • Nearby mosque: Education City Mosque
  • 8 additional restroom units. 
  • Ramps for easier wheelchair and pram access

QIFF’s centerpiece, the Live Cooking Theatre returns this year and will run daily food photography sessions and contests between 4:00-6:00 pm. And, between 6:00 – 10:30 pm guest chefs will share their tips and tricks with a special food theme for each day. 

In Doha & Around Qatar


1-31 March 2019

  • The festivities will extend to more than 35 restaurants around Qatar throughout the month of March, with 3-course menus at three different prices: 45 QAR, 95 QAR and 125 QAR.
  • The last day for hotels to register for a QIFF menu is 27th of February 2019! 

Chef’s Table 

  • Select 5-star restaurants across Doha are offering residents and visitors a unique opportunity to join internationally-acclaimed chefs for an interactive cooking and tasting experience. 
  • However, spaces are limited to 10- 20 persons per class.
  • Prices will range from QAR 500 –1,000. Bookings can be made through the relevant restaurant or hotel reservation platform.
Celebrity Chef Date & time Restaurant Price
Chef Nobu Matsuhissa


Japanese Celebrity Chef & restaurateur – Nobu Restaurants – Part of Chef’s Table

Sunday, 3 March 


3:00- 4:00 pm 

Tuesday, 5 March

1:00–2:00 pm/3:00-4:00pm

Nobu restaurant,


Four seasons Doha

Francesco Scala &          


Shane Macneill

From Novikov Doha

Monday, 11 March 


2:00 pm

Tuesday, 12 March

6:30 pm

Novikov Doha, 


At Katara Cultural Village

Chef Eric Lanlard


Pâtissier and celebrity chef – France

Friday, 22 March


Timing: TBA

Astor Grill –


ST. Regis Hotel

Richard Sandoval


Celebrity Chef, Global Restaurateur & Cookbook Author – Masterclass

Friday, 22 March


Time: TBA

Restaurant Toro Toro


Kempinski Hotel

Jason Atherton


Celebrity Chef from UK

Date: TBA


Time: TBA

Pearl Social Restaurant | Marsa Malaz Kempinski 


The Pearl Doha


School Activation for QIFF at Qatar National Library, Education City:

10 – 14 March (8 am – 12 pm)

  • In partnership with Qatar Foundation, QIFF will deliver a healthy food and nutrition awareness programmed for students from 50 schools across Qatar, helping students distinguish between healthy nutrition and unhealthy foods and understand their benefits and harms.
  • Volunteering Chefs participating in school activation: Chef Ayman Nasser Al-Din, Chef Youssef Oweida, Chef Deldar Hussein, Chef Noora All Mazroui, Chef Sarah Al Sayed, Chef Warda Ibrahim, Coach Noora Al Kuwari.

Cooking Master Classes at Chef’s Garden

20-29 March

Aspiring chefs can register to attend Masterclasses with celebrity chefs

Masharu Morimoto


US Iron Chef – Japan

Saturday, 23 March


Time: 1 pm

Mondrian Hotel Morimoto Restaurant
Sam Ceviköz – Barista trainer from Turkey 20, 21, 23rd March   


Time: TBA

Venue Chef’ Garden restaurant


Education City

Free registration
Siba Mtongana
Celebrity chef, TV show host
Wednesday 27 & Friday 29 March
Time: TBA
Jenny Morris
Celebrity chef and radio personality
Wednesday 27 & Friday 29 March
Time TBA
Salma Souleiman
Celebrity chef & TV show host
Tuesday 26 & Friday 27 March
Time: TBA
Wafik Belaid
Celebrity chef & TV show host
Saturday 23 March
Time: TBC
Jason Atherton


Celebrity Chef from UK

Date: TBA


Time: TBA

Pearl Social Restaurant | Marsa Malaz Kempinski 


The Pearl Doha